Our Cookie policy

Do you visit cwlogistics.be? It might be possible that our website sends ‘cookies’ to the hard drive of your computer. This ensures the operation of our website and adapt itself to your preferences.



What are Cookies?

Cookies are small digital files containing strings of data, which are send to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit this website once more, the cookies will help your browser recognize the website. Cookies don’t really do anything on your computer, they only give feedback to your browser. Simply said: they work like a little reminder to your browser. They remember certain settings on a website (language, login, …), but they don’t save any personal data (certain websites do save your IP-adress ).



Statistics by Google Analytics

Cookies may serve a statistical purpose. On this website we collect statistics with Google Analytics, web analysis offered by Google.

We use this information to analyse your visit to our website (but we don’t know who you are). This way we know which pages are most popular, which browser people use or the duration of their visit. Thanks to this data we are able to optimize our website and provide a good experience for our clients.


Disable or delete cookies

Most browser allow you to delete cookies from your hard drive. It’s also possible to reject cookies in advance, or to warn you before cookies are installed. We advice you to consult the instructions or the helpfuction of your browser for more details.