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Taking responsibility for turning concept and design into reality

Founded in 2006 by Christof De Saedeleer & Wim Vermeulen, C&W has become an established and well respected provider within the market place regarding WMS solutions, EDI and logistics/warehouse automation integrations.


A passionate team of functional and technical experts in WMS, guarantee successful deliveries in a very diverse mix of environments (3PL, Food & Beverage, Electronics, DIY, Manufacturing, ...) with or without extensive warehouse automation and related ERP and EDI integrations.  
The list of successful realizations reflects the expertise and successful no-nonsense approach, which C&W guarantees in order to bring your logistics project to a successful delivery.


C&W Logistics is a premium reseller of Iptor’s WMS solution WM1 (formerly known as “Dynaman”) and works closely as a Co-Development Partner with Iptor Product Development to ensure that the solution continuously evolves to meet the demands of today’s disruptive market.

More info about WMS software: www.wms-software.eu

Experts in ...

WMS Solutions



Integration of

  • ERP systems
  • Warehouse automations
  • Logistic data networks
  • Supply Chain software



  • Supply connector: EDI Cloud Platform
  • Vendor Portal
  • Voice integration
  • Material Handling Connector