Software for
logistic excellence

C&W is a supplier of and implements logistics software with WMS as its core expertise.


This complemented with a cloud EDI platform, customer and supplier portals, integration connectors for ERP, voice, transport carriers and mechanical warehouse automation (AS/RS, AGV...) ensure that a full operational logistics suite can be implemented and this from large companies to SMEs.


As Trends Gazellen Ambassador 2020 West-Flanders, C&W always works with the latest technologies and makes quality its absolute priority, with a no-nonsense approach as its trademark.

Logistics execution and integration software suite (select a module)


1. WMS

2. MES

3. WCS

4. VOI

5. TSM


7. EDI

8. WPT

9. CIP

10. HIP


Warehouse Management System

C&W is widely known for its hands-on expertise in WMS (Warehouse Management System) and has become an indispensable player in the WMS market as a solution provider and implementer. A good warehouse management solution is the key to efficient and competitive logistics execution that is essential to your business. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with leading ERP systems (SAP/D365) but also with industry-specific and customized solutions, even with AS400 environments. The fully real-time task-controlled C&W WMS software needs to be catalogued as "advanced WMS" which can nevertheless be used in both complex and simple environments, from multinationals to SMEs.

Manufacturing Execution System

The C&W Manufacturing Execution System (MES) forms an inseparable duo with the WMS. Where WMS takes care of the optimization of material management and movements, MES takes care of the management and integration into production activities. Based on planned work orders, with or without multiple operations, the necessary controls are provided for the supply, consumption, scrap and export of materials and the necessary machine and labor times are captured. Integration to and capture of the machines in the workcentres/production lines can ensure full transparency. On the basis of digital forms, you can push, digitize and monitor in real time the necessary checks (setup/QC, etc.) and registrations. Together with the material movements and associated traceability from the WMS, the data collected by MES can also be made available to your ERP system.

Warehouse Control System

Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) is an intelligent control layer that forms the link between the WMS and your material handling systems. It synchronizes the activities of the various material handling systems in the warehouse with the available labor capacity and the material flow. Based on business rules and real-time data, the WCS balances, manages and monitors the tasks of these systems and intervenes in case of exceptions. Thanks to our standard WCS building blocks, we can easily adapt to the integration protocols of the various MHE partners. C&W has a broad portfolio of integrations with different types of warehouse automation and MHE partners.

Voice Connector

Voice picking is an order picking technique with which the employees in your warehouse communicate with the WMS system by voice. They are controlled completely paperless and guided step by step in their work, which is checked and processed in real time. To realize this, we use our online voice connector VOI. Through Honeywell's Vocollect Voice Interface Objects technology, we can offer customized voice-driven dialogues in 35 different languages.

Time Slotting Management

TSM (Time Slotting Management) is a web tool that helps you to optimize your yard planning. Get insight into your planning & capacity and schedule your staff at the right times. Better planning reduces waiting times and thus increases productivity. Peak times are smoothed out by pre-scheduled slots. Thanks to integration with WMS (or other external systems), we can structure operational flows more efficiently.

EDI + Peppol Access Point certified provider

Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platform ensures the perfect communication flow with your customers, suppliers, carriers (partners). Through our generic set-up, you will be connected with your partner in no time! We relieve you of this complex matter.


But did you know that Cat C&W we are also a PEPPOL Access Point since 2 years? And did you also know that as of January 1, 2026, it will be legally required to send and receive all your B2B invoices via PEPPOL? C&W Logistics can help you with the transition to electronic invoicing. 

Web Portals

Our Vendor Portal is the perfect system to bring the information from your (non-IT minded) vendor to you in order to proceed to more automated receiving (based on the supplied ASN = Advanced Shipping Notification info). The Vendor Portal is intended to optimize & automate the incoming goods flow. Vendors can report their cargoes at departure & print labels (tailored to your requirements).


The Customer portal has been designed to enable the remote web-access to the WMS system for customers, or customer of the customer (owners) in order to let them consult, maintain and monitor their operational data within the WMS system.

Carrier Integration Platform

The transport operators have also embarked on the road of digitalization and expect their orders to be carried out earlier and earlier in the day. Entering these orders on the various (transport) platforms is often time-consuming and involves a huge amount of administration.


The Carrier Integration Platform, or CIP for short, provides a direct, digital exchange between the C&W platform and the carrier's internal system. It also gives you the opportunity to track your shipments after they have left your premises. We ensure that the CIP always meets the latest requirements of the carriers without you noticing it.

Host Integration Platform

Internal or external communication with your ERP, TMS, WMS, this tool ensures that your systems and/or partners are connected in no time. Our HIP (Host Integration Platform) is deployed as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) within your organization.