Manufacturing/Distribution - Belgium


Wim Baert

Project description

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • 2 automatic warehouses + 3 traditional warehouses
  • Reception, putaway, replenishment and picking via RF scanning in traditional warehouses
  • Determine the carrier based on a matrix
  • Automatic assembly of trucks
  • Reshuffle in automatic warehouse
  • Replenishment between the different warehouses
  • Compile picking rounds
  • Decision matrix to load on 1 or more warehouses
  • Outbound via gate sorters
  • Dock & yard management visualization with drag & drop functionality
  • Control internal transport between the various warehouses

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

  • Egemin – Dambag: 2 automatic warehouses
  • DB engineering: gate sorter
  • Spartacus: Sorting small picked goods
  • Conveyors

Voice Connector (VOI)

Time Slotting Management (TSM)

EDI + Peppol Access Point certified provider (EDI)

  • Integration with Host-ERP  SAP AFS

Web Portals (WPT)

Carrier Integration Platform (CIP)

  • Integration with Parcelservices & takeaway carriers

Host Integration Platform (HIP)