Romania - Manufacturing



Peter Baert


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Full WMS-MES integration
  • See project description

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

  • FUJI SMD production lines

Host Integration Portals (HIP)


Project description

Project omschrijving


  • Management for PCB production of
    • stock components
    • Semi-Finished Products (WIP) 
    • Finished Products
  • Integration of material management with production orders
    • BOM (Bill of Material)
    • BOL (Bill of Labor)
  • Multiple operations within 1 BOL
    • SMD
    • Manual Insertion
    • Assembly
  • Consumption registration components 
    • Production consumption
    • Scrap registration
  • Output registration in production (on serial number)
    • production output
    • Scrap registration
    • QC status monitoring
  • Full tracing between
    • Used lots of components
    • Produced output (by serial number level)
  • Supporting Enforced Routing
    • Compelling order of operation steps by serial number level
    • Mandatory registrations per operation step
  • Time registrations on production orders
    • Machine time
    • Labor time
  • Costing ERP based on time and material registrations WMS