3PL - Belgium


Nick Blomme

Project description

  • Multi-warehouse, multi-owner management
  • 3PL activity registration and billing support
  • Traditional warehouse section with task management RF-guided
  • Integration Zetes voice picking
  • Preparation of necessary documents (CMR, POD, etc.)
  • Owner reporting through automatic scheduling / emailing

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Voice Connector (VOI)

Time Slotting Management (TSM)

EDI + Peppol Access Point certified provider (EDI)

  • B2B (external ERP-WMS integration)
    • Agristo 
    • Gourmand 
    • Lutosa
    • ....

Web Portals (WPT)

Carrier Integration Platform (CIP)

Host Integration Platform (HIP)

  • Integration with Host/ERP systems from different owners within the warehouse
    • SAP
    • MS Axapta
    • MS Navision
    • Bespoke