Belgium - Manufacturing



Ignace Kindt


WMS-ERP Integration

  • Bespoke solution IDAS on iSeries
  • in 2017 Axapta

WMS-WCS Integration

  • Savoy magmatic highbay
  • Dumont conveyors

Project description

  • Integration with production (ASN pre announcement)
  • Magmatic Highbay freezer 
  • Every pallet accessible
  • Extensive box picking activity with staging of mixed pallets in the highbay
  • Replenishment from highbay to mezzanine
  • 2-Bin picking locations for A movers with direct replenishment from highbay
  • Dynamic pick locations for B & C movers
  • Dock & Yard mngt visualization with drag & drop functionality
  • Documents creation (CMR, POD, ..)