1 | WMS-Solution & integratie


  • Real-time execution via task management (RF / voice / RFID / Material Handling Automation )
  • Supporting highly advanced and complex warehouse processes
  • Multi owner (3PL), VMI, Consignment, Bonded
  • WMS software configuration instead of software development
  • Flexible management of documents, reports & labels via embedded designer tools
  • Integration with EDI – WCS - MES
  • Minimal TCO (Total Cost of ownership)



  • Functional design
  • Configuration, development
  • System acceptance, training
  • Go live assistance
  • Project Management
  • No body shopping after go-live
  • Helpdesk (24 7/7)

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WMS implementaties-2.jpg

Some references (see cases)

2 | WMS-WCS integration

In house C&W MHE connector

(Material Handling Equipment)

Proven integrations with diverse warehouse automations

  • High bay warehouses (Double deep, Multi deep shuttle,
  • Magmatic ...)
  • Mobile racking
  • Vertical storage systems
  • AGV systems
  • Pick to Light / Sort to Light / Lifts /  conveyors
  • ...


Proven integrations with diverse warehouse automation vendors

  • SSI Schäfer / Egemin / Mecalux
  • Intrion / Kardex Mlog
  • Siemens Dematic
  • Viscon
  • Alvey
  • Ceratec
  • ABM
  • ...

WMS-WCS integratie.jpg

Some references (see cases)

3 | WMS-MES integration

C&W LES: Logistics Execution System

WMS: Warehouse Management System


VAS/MES: Value Added Services/Manufacturing Execution system


In discrete manufacturing, assembly environments

  • WMS optimizing the material flows
    • Inbound-replenishment-picking-outbound
  • VAS/MES managing  and integrating the production activities
    • BOM/BOL
    • Consumption and output registrations
    • Machine and labor time management

Fully integrated setup


WMS-MES integratie.jpg

Some references (see cases)

4 | WMS-Carrier Integration

Integration carriers using

  • C&W SCO (Supply connector) cloud platform
  • Web services
  • On premise carrier software


Integration during warehouse processes of

  • Carrier specific shipping label printing
  • Management of shipping labels via embedded label designer tool in WMS
  • Registration of volumes and weights with real time feedback towards carrier organization
  • Full EDI (OTC flow) integration


Proven integrations with multiple carriers

  • TNT
  • GLS
  • DPD
  • UPS
  • E59


Some references (see cases)

5 | WMS-EDI integration

Via C&W Supply Connector (SCO) cloud platform:



Digital data exchange between

  • host systems like SAP, AX, Navision, Sage, ...
  • Other business/supply chain partners (extern) systems (internal) like WMS & TMS (Transport Management System).


Communication within the company via

  • formats like csv, xls, xml, idoc, ...
  • with transport channels like file shares, DB acces, web services


Communication with the world via

  • same formats or more standardized formats like EDIFACT,
  • X12, Tradacom
  • via AS2, (S)FTP or other connections like HTTP & SMTP


SCO engine

  • easy and quickly adaptable via the configuration tool


Configuration of messages

  • easily uploaded via XSD
  • mapping immediately set up

WMS-EDI integratie 1.jpg
WMS-Vendor Portal integratie.png

Some references (see cases)

6 | WMS-ERP integration

Via C&W Supply Connector (SCO) solution



Proven integrations between WMS and host platforms

Renowned ERP-solutions like

  • MS Dynamics–AXAPTA/Navision
  • SAP
  • SAGE
  • Trade

Specific host systems

  • Branch specific solutions
  • Bespoke solutions

And implementations on

  • iSeries (formerAS400)

WMS-ERP Integratie 1.jpg
WMS-ERP integratie 2.jpg

Some references (see cases)

7 | WMS-Vendor Portal integration

Add-on to C&W Supply Connector (SCO) cloud platform:



Delivery (ASN) towards your warehouse/ WMS system

  • Are created online for non IT-supported suppliers/vendors
  • Including the printing of EAN128/SSCC pallet labels for identification of the pallets via the Portal


When the vendor is not able to generate SSCC labels (GS1 conform)  

  • Create and print SSCC labels via the portal


When the vendor has his own SSCC labels, but does not desire to set up full EDI

  • XLS, XML, TXT uploads via the portal


Fully integrated with your host system

  • via usage of the SCO solution
  • Web EDI with retail (Order to Cash flow)
  • Combined web EDI and full-EDI possibilities (p.e. external warehouses))


Benefits for the vendor:

  • Scanning of shipped pallet via mobile solution
  • Printing of delivery notes
  • Creation & printing of the invoices + distribution in PDF ur via EDI (SCO)


WMS-Vendor Portal integratie.png
WMS-EDI integratie 1.jpg

Some references (see cases)

8 | Warehouse Logistics

Logistics proces analysis and optimizations


Logistics expertise and assistance in

  • Warehouse infrastructure
  • Warehouse automation
  • System integrators
  • Supply Chain Software
  • 3PL in & outsourcing


Some references (see cases)